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If you’ve read a little about marijuana, or if you enter most dispensaries, you might see the words indica, sativa, and hybrid. Generally, most people divide marijuana into these three categories.

Indica, which originates from the Hindu Kush mountains of India, is believed to have a relaxing effect on the user. Sativa has a more energizing effect, while hybrid is a combination of the two.

The strain you choose depends on what effect you desire. As mentioned earlier, cannabis has a range of medical uses, but some strains are better for certain conditions than others.

It’s also worth researching the potential adverse effects of the strain. Many of the more common strains, which you can find below, list dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness as possible side effects. Marijuana also has the potential to interact with medications you might be taking. Do not operate machinery when using marijuana.

Taking medical marijuana for pain. There are plenty of medical marijuana strains for pain, making daily life a lot more comfortable. These strains vary in THC and CBD content, offering plenty of choices for all users. Cannabis is a plant just like any other on planet Earth. It grows in a wide array of strains, varieties, and types. Much like choosing between red delicious, gala or granny smith apples at the grocery store, there are a ton of medical marijuana options available to choose from. There are currently at least 779 cannabis strains that have been named and recognized by the marijuana community.

Most people think smoking weed is purely for couch reasons but more marijuana consumers are starting to use the plant for productivity. Certain strains can help medical issues such as insomnia and eating disorders, but energy is one of the most sought-after effects of recreational pot right now.

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