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Kush delivery Vancouver or weed delivery Vancouver or weed delivery Vancouver downtown are all valid search terms. Weed delivery Vancouver is probably the most searched keywords for finding a weed delivery service in Vancouver.

Kush delivery in Vancouver is quite popular these days.  Most weed users like the convenience of a marijuana delivery service.

Many people ask when and how the usage of marijuana began. The history of cannabis is an interesting one.

According to sources on the internet:

“The original hominoids used dried grass for making fires and it wasn’t until they began cooking food that their brain size was able to expand. At least three different species of hominoids met in the foothills of the Hindu Kush before a true homo sapien could be born. All three species emerged from Africa, but from wildly different times, and their gene pools were much different as a result.

People discovered the intoxicating effects of cannabis by making fires in caves and tipis and becoming overwhelmed by the smoke. The Oracle at Delphi sat on a tripod used to make fumigating cannabis smoke and probably ingested that smoke through her vagina. Moses sat in a tent and inhaled the fumes. So did Socrates. So did Pythagoras, and so did Zoroaster. In Moses’ time, it was soon known as visiting Mount Sinai (the smokey mountains), and that’s where he got the Ten Commandments and advice to make an exodus.

There never was a Jewish exodus out of Egypt, however, as that story was invented when the Jewish people were Babylonian slaves. It was designed as a revenge drama and created to lift the spirits of the slaves and give hope of future freedom, which eventually arrived thanks to the coronation of the first Zoroastrian king, who installed religious freedom, which is why so many Zoroastrian concepts wound their way into Judaism and Christianity.

Long before that happened, climate change had turned Bactria into a desert (no doubt assisted by the birth of forestry, agriculture and sheep herding), and those original stoners of Bactria moved west along the Oxus River to the Caspian and Black Seas.

At this point in history they become known as the Yamana. In a few centuries, they evolved into the Saka or, as the Greeks call them, the Scythians. That’s when cannabis intoxication enters history, for the father of history, Herodotus, documented the Saka love for inhaling the burning smoke of cannabis.”

Marijuana consumption has a long history, yet marijuana delivery is very new in comparison. If for example you need weed delivery in Vancouver then call weed rush delivery today.
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