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Sativas usually have longer flowering cycle of a row in warmer climates and longer they like to reach for the stars as I say and grow kind of up and out the buzzer going to be not so close to the stock. Indica plant in plants are going to be sure they grow between two opposite to the sativa plant.

The leaves are thicker brush your and broader and sativa is there the day she’s a little more active so she’s a little skinnier is there going to be a mix because we’ll get into why but hybrid plants are a mix of the two.  So I can’t really tell you if a hybrid plant is going to be super tall the flowering time with hybrid plants berries it doesn’t that you can indicate like sativa and indica the number to plant if your patient types of Cannabis.

Sativa indica and hybrid are definitely for daytime use more than a night 100% lot of people use hybrid during the day and Independence during the night can you feel it in your body music before egg they provide lots of creativity they give you energy and sometimes can just make me a little more hyper that I want or they can make me super like I explained sometimes if I get too much of a can relate let me know but like I said any type of stuff that comes from this plant is going to affect everybody differently that’s with everything.

Popular sativas are definitely Maui Wowie Super Lemon Haze Sour Diesel give you more of like a boss because two things like pain or with me like I said my ADHD by their very sedated that make you calm relaxing sleepy I like to associate indicas with making you somewhat of a couch potato it can make you sticky and what I say where you want to just stick to the couch and don’t want to move that often happens a lot when it comes to that are super popular here in Vancouver.

I know one is nine pound Hammer especially everybody’s always posting that one Grand Daddy Purp or Granddaddy Purple.  Whatever you guys want to say is also a very popular indica.

When it comes to hybrid just to get this clear to everybody but some hybrids are definitely leaning towards different sides of the spectrum when it comes to the types of cannabis described it as being sativa dominant or endocrine dominant hybrid but it’s going to have a little more of those indica or a little more of those two people but definitely when you are going to purchase. The breakdown on this train and tell you if the hybrid but sometimes you just have more also be calmer when it comes to my body because I’m hyper of hybrids are Pineapple Express on my gosh that is like my favourite hybrid Girl Scout cookies I love Blue Dream they’re like oh my God that’s my your I guess you can say like your pain or if you have a headache a lot of that also goes into ratios.

I want to make a whole other post.n that about like ratios between CBD and THC cannabinoids because there are so many that are in that plant it’s not just THC and CBD tell me more stress relievers for headaches as well as depression anxiety increasing the serotonin in your body and being more uplifting and help with chronic pain.  Which is why I like using them or sativa leading hybrid when it comes to during the day with any cuz they give you more of a mental relaxation for Indica the increase of dopamine in your body as well as help with inflammatory issues nausea and if you need to eat girl I would definitely go with an indicator often associated with I love it because I don’t eat throughout the day and as soon as I have an independent my system a lot of the time and I go and grab like Scooby snacks and everything and they help you sleep okay people and kind of get to the point let you know what each one does.

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